Check out the official and community resources for advice about designing adventures, engaging players, rewarding characters, and maintaining excitement. Many different skill contribute to being a great DM. Playing D&D as a Dungeon Master lets you find new ways to continually improve your mastery of the art.

Official D&D rule books and sets

D&D 5th edition

  • Starter Set for the fifth edition of D&D.
    The Starter Set steps you through the most important rules you need to start playing D&D. The Starter Set builds on what you learned in the tutorials. It presents you with an adventure you can run your players that will take them to level 5.
  • Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG) for the fifth edition of D&D.
    The DMG provides advice on how to work with players to create a fun game, how to create adventures, how to create campaigns, and more. It also has tips to create non-player characters (NPCs), rules for magic items, and many other aspects of running the world.

D&D 4th edition

Introductory adventures

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