Tutorials for a Dungeon Master

The series of tutorials starts presuming that you know nothing about being the Dungeon Master for a Dungeons & Dragons game. By the last tutorial, you will be ready to run a D&D game from a published adventure or create one yourself.

Hint: If at any point the lingo gets too dense, refresh yourself on the game terms with short, everyday definitions.

Hint: If you have been the Dungeon Master for a D&D game before, you don’t need these tutorials. The Resources will be the best step for you to take next.

A tutorial is short. It has a specific goal or goals for you to learn. It tells you the goal, gives an example, and then offers a chance to practice new skills related to the goal.

Each tutorial builds on the same example game. Different tutorials highlight different aspects of the example game. The talk between three players and their Dungeon Master is presented as a script. The script gets more detailed through the tutorials, as the players and the Dungeon Master have more of the same skills you are learning.

[future] A form of “director’s commentary” annotates the script. The commentary explains the Dungeon Master’s thought process, to help you see what other options were considered and how the Dungeon Master arrived at a decision.

Each tutorial also includes a set of exercises to help you practice the skills for that section.

0. Concepts to cover [future] This is for the site creators’ reference. Delete when finished!

  1. Introduction to the game. The Dungeon Master’s three activities when running a game. [finalized]
  2. Refereeing outcomes when running the game
    1. Using dice. Dice add uncertainty and excitement to the game. [in progress]
    2. The basic rule. A player’s three modes of play and the basic rule. [in progress]
    3. Using the basic rule. Decide the ability and Difficulty Class when applying the basic rule.
  3. Preparing for a game
    1. Build an adventure
    2. Build an encounter
  4. Running a game
    1. Run an encounter
    2. Run an adventure

Once you complete the tutorials, you’re ready for the great advice in the different Resources for Dungeon Masters. They will help you make your D&D game the highlight of every participants’ week!

Tutorials for a Dungeon Master

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